4/12 8-11PM, East Pyne Courtyard

Have you heard of Taiwan’s famous night markets? Common throughout all of Taiwan, they attract crowds of people to their intricate alleys full of cheap and delicious food stands and shops. You can find the latest styles of clothing, cute accessories, and even glasses and phone cases for the lowest prices (if you know how to haggle.)

Join TASA and other student groups as we create a Princeton version of Night Market! Come out to the East Pyne courtyard on April 12th from 8-11pm to sample delicious Asian food!!!

Enjoy performances by Crab Corps (the band who had a song on the Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack), David Tauler, Chip Han, SNRG, Princeton Juggling Club, Triple 8, Sympoh, Bhangra, VTones, and Steve Kuei! Don’t forget to bring your prefrosh for an unforgettable night of culture, food, music & fun.

Get 2 tickets for FREE with PUID/pre-frosh ID!

Sponsored by Projects Board, the Taiwanese Association of America, Tsunah Foundation, Geosciences, ORFE, CBE, and EAS Departments, and the EAS Program.